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Six Great Tips for That Simple Look

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Some sound advice on the simple look 

Tips for maintaining a great elegant look 

  1. Dressing the part. If your looking to have the simple look then keep your outfit simple as well. Maybe ware a pair of jeans with a simple blouse like a button down sheer shirt or even a baseball T. 
  2.  Face makeup. When wanting to be simple you cant just keep one thing simple and the rest dressy, that's a totally different look. So when doing your face makeup don't really go all out cause the motive here is simple. Maybe do your normal foundation routine but lay low on the simmer and glitter, and keep the contour soft and light!
  3.  Consider the activity's your doing.  Really you should do this everyday. For example, if your planning on going to have family time at the park then maybe ware shorts with a short sleeve button down, and ware light makeup, just face makeup, or even NO makeup at all!